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How to Silence My Boys

Today, the kids had a visit from the older father of our friends — a lawyer who my wife invited to tell the 3rd graders about legal issues:

My wife picks him up, 3 boys in the backseat. He slowly gets into car, joints a-creakin’.

Amazed silence in the back. Unheard of within 20 feet of this gang.

[Whisper, whisper, whisper…]

Mom, in near panic, as she waits, cringing, for the first question.

Bold 8 y.o., eyes wide — the spokesperson: “Man — how OLD are you?”

Guest, laughing, eyebrows a-twitter, “I’m VERY, VERY old.”

More impressed silence from the back.

“Do you need more details?”

Silent nodding in the back.

“I’ll be 85 next month.”

“Wow — thanks!”

Exhale from Mom.


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